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The focus of this publication is the image of Russia that is widespread in the Western world. This prevailing image of Russia, influences not only the European discourse on Russia, but also the diplomatic relations between the countries and their governments. Not only since the Cold War have we been familiar with the contrasting portrayal of East and West, which provides almost endless material for Western pop culture. Although this struggle is long outdated, the view of Russia has changed little. The large, unpredictable country in the East is still portrayed as a direct threat to the West. The magazine is based on the contrast of content and form. On an editorial level, the issue doesn't provides a counter statement to the current image of Russia, but rather critically questions it from various perspectives. The focus is on topics and aspects that are often neglected in the daily press. The visual level deals with the representation of Russia in western film. Footage from movies of different eras and styles reveal tendentious patterns of Russia. It is not always clear whether Hollywood is inspired by reality or reality is rooted in fiction.

With texts and contributions by Jean-Pierre Chevènement, Adrian Lemmenmeier, Roman Hertler, Pierre Helg, Noam Chomsky, and Olia Lialina.








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